OPG is fully prepared to support our clients in any aspect of facility management. We can provide staff for specific assignments, interim managers for support. The OPG team brings to these assignments a full cadre of programs and management tools to enable managers to be highly effective from day one. Management systems and tools include:

• Performance measurement • Training and certification
• Work management system • Quality improvement processes
• Skills assessment and gap analysis • Financial and budget tracking
• Productivity tracking • Deferred maintenance planning
• Compliance management • Capital investment planning
• Facility assessment

Facility Management Support assignments are often performance based on jointly developed goals. Goals can be based on financial, service level improvements, customer satisfaction or other core performance measures. OPG can develop and automate the measurement process and provide executive level performance reports.

Each Facility Management Support assignment is unique in its scope and deliverables. We work closely with our clients to align desired goals and objectives with measurable program deliverables.